Jaime Aymerich was born in Mexico City. At a young age he studied and got an award from the Center of Dramatic Arts of Mexico, forming his career in the theatrical stage.He starred in different theater plays such as: "The Writer", "I Want to Live", The End" and others. Japanese Producers were interested in working with him, resulting in the short for Japan "Not Close Not Far". He continued his career but now in Television, getting a leading role in "The Educational Teacher" and a recurring role for the production in English of the Soap opera "Acapulco Bay" a production of the union Televisa-Fox reaching the public throughout the world. Aymerich continues his career in the Theater sketch of comedy in Mexico having recognitions at The House of the Comedians and sharing the stage in Hollywood with actor Martin Short in his program "Prime Time Glick".
He made the Mexican movie "A Beautiful Secret" AKA: "Un Secreto de Esperanza" sharing the camera with the Golden Globe winning actress Katy Jurado; the above mentioned movie has 8 International Awards gained in International Festivals, being part of the new Mexican cinema.
Aymerich is now a part of the cast of the show "Fat Actress" starring and produced by Kirstie Alley. It premiered in March 2005 for Showtime where he does the comical role "Little Jorge". He is also in pre-production of his new American movie "Sixth Element" with director Richard Elfman, where he portrays the character of a Latin detective who saves the world. September 2006 Comedian-Actor Jaime Aymerich shoots his new
television show "Dona Risa" for NBC/Telemundo/Chanel 22 with Altamira

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